The 2022 FIDE World Fischer Random Championship takes place in Berjaya Reykjavik Natura Hotel, Iceland. In 1972 Bobby Fischer stayed in this hotel during the World Championship Match against Boris Spassky. The hotel has a special rate to stay during the tournament.


Entry to the 2022 FIDE World Fischer Random Championship, which begin October 25 and conclude October 30, is free of charge and based on first come, first serve.

Rules for entering the playing area:

  1. No mobile phones, smartwatches or other electrical equipment can be brought in this area.
  2. Please deliver it to the desk before entering.
  3. After you exit the playing area, you will have to wait for 5 min before you get your deposits back.
  4. You will have to stay in a confined area until then.
  5. There must be absolute silence in the playing area.
  6. If any of these rules are broken, you will be banned for the remaining event.
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